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Pech Pech – Persian Learning Course For Kids

Pech-Pech is a collection which is designed for teaching Persian language to children aged 7 to 12 who have little knowledge of Persian language. According to problems which Iranian children living abroad face in learning language and culture of Persian ancestors, and due to the fact that the available books are suitable for learning Persian as the first language and are based on Iran educational system, we decided to resolve this issue through using modern technology. For the first time in the world, this method has been designed for systematic learning of Persian language for children living in non-Persian communities. Here are some advantages of this course: no need to access Iranian school, no transportation issues, no problem in finding appropriate classes, and the weekend arrangement.

Persian Alphabet Learning Course For Kids

The present method is the first methode of Pech-Pech collection in which we teach Persian alphabet with the aim of teaching reading, writing, and expanding Persian-learners’ vocabulary. This course is designed in 19 lessons with photos, audio, animations, and exercises. In this course we try to teach Persian alphabet with vocabulary to prepare the language learners for next levels and develop the ability to communicate in Persian language.